April 17, 2016

About Us

WNC Real Estate Services, LLC was founded in 2014, when Dan Fortin and Julie Hall moved to Hendersonville, NC, after researching the entire country for the perfect place to call home.  Dan then acquired the necessary licenses, and purchased insurances to operate in North Carolina as a Building Contractor and Real Estate Broker.

The company is actually a team of Professionals, each with their own Specialty or Craft.  Our Specialists tend to be self-employed or small business owners themselves for many great reasons.  However, this team is assembled, trained, managed, coached, and overseen by the company’s founder, Dan Fortin.

Dan Fortin, Owner

Dan Fortin is a third-generation construction and real estate professional, with deep ties to both industries.  His background, education, and work experience make him a well-qualified advisor, consultant, and team player for new and experienced homeowners.  As a long-time contractor, realtor, homeowner, and real estate investor, Dan knows the benefits and potential pitfalls of real estate ownership, especially single-family homes.  He strongly believes that real estate is still the common man’s way to wealth, and loves helping others work to that end.  Whether you are planning to BUILD, IMPROVE, REMODEL, REPAIR, or MAINTAIN your home, Dan’s proven abilities as a contractor, real estate broker and investor, allow him to offer you unmatched wisdom and support, along with whatever service you need, delivered with Integrity.

“I was raised in backwoods of Maine, where everything was a challenge.  We had no power, no running water for 1/2 the year, and no central heat.  However, my grandfather, father, and step-father all taught me the intricacies of survival, especially as related to housing.  Building or maintaining anything in a place where winter hangs around too long teaches you a lot.  Luckily for me, my grandfather was a building contractor, and taught his sons and grandsons everything he knew.  He knew the foundation and workings of things.  We honestly struggled to survive the harsh environment of northwestern Maine, but we knew everything about building in extreme conditions and environments, and were the go-to experts for the locals. "

"That was a long time ago, and I only built upon that foundation, expanding my knowledge and expertise.  After serving our country and getting an education, I worked in the computer field for awhile, where I learned how to use the tools available to better estimate and manage projects.  I then owned my own contracting business in Montana where I did numerous home improvements, like windows, doors, decks, garages, additions, and even built Montana’s first steel-framed home. I restored historic buildings, improved public buildings, and built new ones.  I then worked as a manager for a heavy/highway contractor, where I learned about soils, aggregates, slopes, foundations, concrete, asphalt, storm and sewage drainage systems and more.  From there I got my broker’s license and learned what makes a home sell for the highest price.  I honestly feel that I can help solve any problem related to a home, and help create the best design for any home site.  I know what it takes to make a home special, how to make it last, how to maintain it, improve it, maximize its’ value.  I just want to give my inheritance away to my clients.”  ~Dan   

Julie Hall, Client Care Specialist

Julie Hall has been providing clients and customers with the highest level of care since she started her career over 30 years ago.  She started her own business, after college, delivering proven plans and strategies for people to make the most of their lives.  She has worked in numerous and varied fields selling products, services and solutions to a diverse customer base.  From cosmetics to vacations, flooring, appliances and lighting to homes and coaching programs, she has delivered first-class service and smiles to hundreds of clients, and continues to do so for WNC Real Estate Services, LLC.  Julie is typically the first and last point of contact our clients have when doing business with us.  Her unmatched delivery of exceeding expectations with a smile keeps us growing and flourishing.  You will hear her smile when you call – guaranteed!

“I was raised in a family of 4 girls.  I was the youngest, and was well taken care of by my ‘big sisters’ and nurturing parents!   My childhood experience taught me what it was like to be looked after, cared for greatly, and I am forever grateful for those years.  After college, I pursued a career in sales to serve people in the very best way I knew, practicing the Golden Rule.  I developed a passion for helping others, from teaching good skin care, to coaching others to run their own business and become all that they were meant to be.  Fortunately, I learned a lot by incredible mentors like Mary Kay Ash, Zig Ziglar, John Maxwell, T. Harv Eker and many others.   From those early days in that empowering cosmetic company, I spread my wings to other fields, serving others in diverse opportunities. One of my favorites was Interior Design with a large construction company in Maine. "

"I found myself measuring houses for flooring, and helping new home owners select their lighting and counter tops.  From that I again, strengthened my skills in listening to what each person’s needs and wants were, not my own!!  Today, I am grateful to support and guide our new clients, and look forward to building amazing new relationships with them for life.  ~Julie